Composite Resin Fillings in Santa Monica

We use tooth-colored, white composite fillings as we are an amalgam-free practice. This is often referred to as bonding, since the fillings form micromechanical connections to the teeth.

These fillings are best indicated for small-to-medium-sized defects of the teeth to repair fractures, decay, or previous fillings that are failing. They are poor solutions for large restorations due to their flexibility under strong loads.

Your Teeth Will Look Good As New

We take our time to complete each filling no matter the size or location.

Our Santa Monica office uses only the best quality technique and materials for our bondings.

This includes:

  • 3M & VOCO Composites and Bonding Agents
  • Electric & Air Handpieces (W&H, Kavo)
  • Dentin Desensitizers (Chlorhexidine, GLUMA)
  • Dentsply Palodent Plus Matrix System