Orthodontics in Santa Monica for Children and Adults

Why Straight Teeth Are Healthier

Most people in the Santa Monica and West Los Angeles areas feel that a smile full of straight teeth is more attractive, but did you know that it is also better for your long-term oral health? Having misaligned teeth can lead to a number of conditions that put your smile at risk, including:

  • Uneven teeth wear over time
  • Teeth sensitivity
  • Gum disease
  • Difficulty in placing and maintaining restorations

Our board-certified orthodontist, Dr. Nicole Cheng, welcomes patients of all ages to bring their concerns and questions to our Santa Monica orthodontic practice. Her guidance and expertise helps patients achieve their goals for a long-lasting, healthy and beautiful smile.

Childhood and Adolescent Orthodontic Treatment in Santa Monica

Children's mouths grow rapidly, and it is a great time to begin orthodontic treatment, when necessary. At Vision Dental, we take a comprehensive approach to pediatric dentistry that includes early childhood orthodontic evaluation.

Young Boy with Braces Smiling

Two-Phase Orthodontics – Each child should be evaluated by an orthodontist by the age of seven. In certain cases, early orthodontic intervention at this age can address dental issues more readily, while your child is actively growing. Phase I treatment may help your child achieve the best results and possibly even avoid unnecessary dental extractions. If indicated, Phase I will begin in early childhood, with a few years break period before beginning Phase II.

Comprehensive Orthodontic Treatment in Adolescence – When most or all of the adult teeth have come into the mouth, which typically occurs between the ages of 10 to 12 years old, your child will be ready for Phase II, or comprehensive orthodontic treatment. For teen patients, we offer the option to straighten teeth using Invisalign Teen, a more discreet option for kids who may be self-conscious about their appearance.

Adult Orthodontics

Not all of us were lucky enough to have proactive dental care as children. Additionally, so much more is now known about growth and function than even a decade or two ago. It is never too late to improve the health and function of your smile by exploring your orthodontic options.

Cosmetic Orthodontic Solutions

A beautiful smile is a real asset in nearly every facet of life. Invisalign is popular among patients who wish to improve the appearance or function of their smiles more discretely. 



Another cosmetic option for patients of all ages is ceramic, or clear, braces. These brackets are made of a tooth-colored translucent material, making them virtually unnoticeable. We are proud to offer the highest quality ceramic bracket in the industry, ClarityTM Advanced


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