Teeth Whitening in Santa Monica


Whitening or 'bleaching' teeth is completely safe for the enamel and does not damage teeth. Whitening, or teeth bleaching, happens one of three ways:

  • OTC (over-the-counter) – Crest White Strips ~8% 
  • Custom trays – prescription strength bleach ~22%
  • In-office – ~38%

All versions work well but are all time-dependent. In-office whitening is the strongest and works the quickest. Due to the very focused application, it's also the best option if significant gum recession is present (receded areas can be isolated and protected) which drastically reduces sensitivity. A follow up with custom trays allows the best color outcome.

Internal Bleaching in Santa Monica

Teeth that have had root canals or trauma often discolor over time. Internal bleaching is a conservative approach that bleaches the tooth internally to match existing teeth and prevents the need for more aggressive options, such as a crown or veneer.


White, brown, or yellow spots in the enamel are due to internal enamel defects. They can result from orthodontics, childhood, natural development, or poor hygiene. Microabrasion is a conservative treatment that can eliminate or minimize the appearance of these lesions without any aggressive drilling or anesthesia.

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