Pediatric Dentistry in Santa Monica

At Vision Dental, our mission is to create a warm and nurturing environment where your child will feel safe and relaxed while receiving the highest quality dental care.

Our focus is on preventive dental care, ideal yet conservative dental treatment, and encouraging a positive attitude toward visiting the dentist.

We recognize a trip to the dentist may cause some anxiety for both you and your child, so our first priority will be to make your child feel comfortable, which will then put you at ease. We hope to make each visit filled with fun and laughter while also providing the tools and tips you and your child will need to maintain great dental health!

With a personal approach, Dr. Huynh and the Vision Dental Team hope to provide a comfortable high-quality dental home for children of all ages and backgrounds while building long-lasting relationships.

Establishing a Dental Home

Group of young kids smiling At Vision Dental, our philosophy is to focus on providing a warm and nurturing dental home for you and your children while promoting education and prevention. Our specially trained staff and pediatric dentist will be ready to provide a positive dental experience for your child!

We make an extra effort to explain everything we are doing, so your child is comfortable and feels safe in our office. We understand you as the parent may have some questions, and we will be more than happy to make time to answer all of them as best we can!

As pediatric specialists, our doctors have extensive training and experience in treating children and adolescents from all backgrounds. Furthermore, our staff and doctors are trained to treat patients with special healthcare needs, including those with developmental and/or complex medical issues. Each patient has unique needs, thus our methods for examination and dental treatment will be tailored specifically for your child.

To ensure a great experience, our office prides itself on staying on schedule with short wait times. Your child will stay entertained with fun toys, books, coloring pages, iPads, and TVs mounted in every dental room. Every patient will receive an age-specific dental goody bag, a great toy prize, and awesome stickers!

Be sure to look out for our contests and raffles that reward kids for their healthy smiles!

First Visit to Our Santa Monica Office

The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry (AAPD) recommends a child’s first dental visit should occur by age 1. An early start at the dentist can help identify minor dental issues before they become major ones down the road. With your help, Dr. Andrew and the Vision Dental Team hope to make your child’s first dental check-up a positive and fun experience!

The first dental visit will include a gentle but thorough examination of the teeth, jaws, gums, bite, and oral issues. Often times, we will demonstrate helpful tips and brushing techniques that cater to you and your child’s needs. A professional cleaning and fluoride treatment are often completed at the first visit.

Most importantly, there will be plenty of time for your questions to be answered! Common topics of discussion include:

  • When to expect new teeth
  • Pacifier and thumb-sucking habits
  • Bottle and sippy cup use
  • Types of foods/beverages that are best for dental health

After the examination, we will be able to give you practical tips to implement an individually tailored preventive plan based on your child’s oral health assessment.

From the beginning to the end of your visit, we do our best to ensure you and your child are comfortable and that all your questions or concerns are addressed.

Pediatric Dental ServicesBrother and sister smiling after dental exam

When dental treatment is necessary, Dr. Huynh will work with you to tailor a treatment plan unique to your child’s needs with an emphasis on preventive measures. Dr. Huynh only treats what is necessary and prides himself in providing high quality yet conservative dental treatment.

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