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What is the Invisalign process?

Invisalign in Santa Monica is a transparent aligner system like traditional braces but without brackets and guidewires. We have found that some patients prefer it for its discretion and comfort.

Invisalign is a series of steps leading you to straight teeth and an aligned smile.

Step #1: Schedule Your Invisalign Consultation

This initial visit answers all your questions, including whether Invisalign can adequately address your orthodontic needs. In most cases, it is an excellent system for crooked and misaligned teeth.

Step #2: Taking Impressions of Your Teeth

Your Santa Monica dentist takes impressions of your teeth and forwards the specifications to Invisalign for aligner fabrication. Then, when your aligners arrive at our dental office, you come in to pick them up.

Step #3: Wear Your Aligners According to the Schedule

Your dentist lets you know how often to change your aligners, usually every few weeks. Follow these instructions, and always call us if you have questions.

Step #4: Don’t Forget to Wear Your Retainer

After completing the Invisalign treatment, wear your retainer to prevent your teeth from shifting back to their old positions.

Invisalign and Invisalign Teen in Santa Monica

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