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What do you do at your office to keep children at ease? How do you deal with a particularly fussy or uncooperative child?

It is very normal for children to be nervous about coming to the dentist! We understand that, and it is our priority to provide a child-friendly environment where both the child and parents feel comfortable.

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Just like adults, children like to know what is happening so there are no surprises during the visit! A common technique we utilize is “Tell-Show-Do,” where we explain what we are going to do, demonstrate it with models and fun puppets, then let the child watch in a mirror while we work on their teeth.

Things become a lot less scary when a child can understand what we are doing in their own way. That scary “sharp pokey tool” is no longer scary once it’s merely the “tooth counter.” That loud noisy suction is a lot less intimidating once it’s known as “Mr. Thirsty.” Even in the case of fixing cavities, that infamous “dental drill” becomes a lot friendlier when it’s just the “tooth tickler” that washes away the “sugar bugs.”

Forming a Positive Relationship with the Dentist

The best part of being a pediatric dentist is that we have the wonderful opportunity to create a positive first impression about dental health when a child comes in for the first time. We have the chance to show them what a fun and positive experience going to the dentist can be and get them excited about their own dental care at home!

With that said, there are times when dental treatment is necessary and a young child is unable to cooperate. There are methods to address this, which depend on the child’s age, health, and dental needs. In this case, we will work closely with the parent to develop an appropriate prevention-focused treatment plan customized to the child's individual needs. 

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