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Adolescent Braces Smile Transformation

Thumbsucking habit stopped and open bite closed. Teeth well aligned after 1.5 years of braces treatment. The patient now has better speech and chewing function, as well as a beautiful smile. Braces treatment is ideal at the adolescent stage for many reasons but especially because it allows issues to be corrected when the adult teeth are at their most naturally anatomic stage.

Adolescent Braces Smile Transformation | Before Adolescent Braces Smile Transformation | After
Wonderful Orthodontic Care

Friendliest staff and doctors that genuinely care. My daughter had braces done at Vision Dental with Dr. Cheng, and she now has the most beautiful smile. I can see a big difference in her self-esteem and confidence, and am so glad we came. The office is clean, and I was always impressed by their helpful staff. Highly recommend! -Bella S.

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