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Phase I Limited Braces Treatment

Removed a mesiodens (extra) tooth to create more space for an adequate eruption of upper adult canines. Phase I completed within one year. This is the first phase of our two-phase orthodontic treatment and the goal is to correct existing problems before moving forward with braces. Following the end of this treatment, the patient will take a one to a two-year resting period before being moved into phase two, which includes braces or Invisalign treatment.

Two-Phases Braces for Kids in Santa Monica | BeforeTwo-Phases Braces for Kids in Santa Monica | After
Wonderful Orthodontic Care

Friendliest staff and doctors that genuinely care. My daughter had braces done at Vision Dental with Dr. Cheng, and she now has the most beautiful smile. I can see a big difference in her self-esteem and confidence, and am so glad we came. The office is clean, and I was always impressed by their helpful staff. Highly recommend! -Bella S.

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